Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Time Travelling Transhumans (T3)

Title: Time Travelling Transhumans (T3)          

            Time is always in the present, because the moment in which you read this is in the past and the future is only a figment of your imagination so regard the present with nostalgia knowing that a millisecond away, in the future, exists thoughts to think. Welcome to the mode of neural text, reverse causality, non-locality and quantum entanglement where the traveller is the journey into entropy; a world in transition; after 9/11, after the oil spill, after the economic meltdown, after the tsunami, after Fukushima, after Gaddafi, after 21st Century melancholia upholstered by anti-psychotic drugs help us forget ‘the good old days’ because it’s business as usual for the 1%, so what were you doing on the 29th Oct 2011, when Japanese IT expert, Shigeru Kondo, successfully calculated the ten trillionth digit of Pi?
            OK, so we've advanced mathematically but would you trust an algorithm to predict the future?
            Christopher Ahlberg, CEO Of Recorded Future, states that his mission is to; “Record and analyze all that is known about the future, and make it available for analysis"
            He doesn't see an 'open source' version of the program being released anytime soon. They're funded by the CIA so what do you expect? Can’t wait to see how it all works out, but if you'd told your psychiatrist back in 1900 that this stuff was going to happen he'd have had you committed to an insane asylum.
            2012 is in place. Eternity is setting in.   
            Plato reputedly created the concept of forever, the summation of all our yesterdays, today's and tomorrow's. He also surmised that eternity may be the point at which past present and future collide. I wonder how he'd feel about Recorded Futures or the Webbot Project, a rival algorithm to  Christopher Ahlberg's, created by Clif High and associate George Ure, aka 'The Time Monks' who claim to have discovered a "data gap" in 2012 running through May 2013. According to the Webbot Project coded by the Time Monks, this (probably) means that a Solarstorm event, equivalent to a global EMP strike, will take place in the near future.
            In case you're wondering what 'regular' science has to say about what's happening, the latest data from The K7RA Solar Update reveals that, in 2011, we only had 2 days with 0 sunspots.
            In 2010 we had 51 spotless days.
            In 2009 we had 260 spotless days.
            It's acknowledged that sunspot activity is on the rise and expected to peak in August to October 2012, so keep a grab bag handy in case you get knocked back to a pre-electronic state but grab bags are a whole subject of their own, so let's swing with some positive predictions instead. For example, Time Monk technology has also advised that a benign form of capitalism is scheduled to emerge during 2017-2020, if we make it that far.
            Disclaimer: Such algorithm technology is secret because their predictions are sold via their website so it's probably just about money, but keep an eye on it, just in case. I've been in touch with Clifford High and maybe there'll be an interview with him later in 2012, meantime take a deep breath because it's still about Corporations Vs. The Rest and our interface to the Internet could be defined as a negative or positive attitude to a bundled moment of past present and future.
            If that seems a bit complicated don't worry, philosophers and sages have been arguing over the nature of time since it was first unravelled, way back. Comparatively recently, the German philosopher, Arthur Schopenhauer, b. 1788, d. 1860, taught a pessimistic view of existence which placed emphasis on human will instead of intellect.
            He proposed that; "- life is broken up into Day and Night by sleep, for if there was no sleep then living would become unbearable in its simultaneous deployment".
            It's as well Schopenhauer is not around to see humanity getting closer to a 24 hour existence. The Network allows us to partake of time to the fullest so that, somewhere, somehow, someone will crack the code of our prime paradigm, space-time. X-Post the source-code when you do, bearing in mind that most of our current technology hadn't been predicted by scientists at the beginning of the last century.
            It's an interesting analogy to view ourselves stepping bravely into the future, knowing that one day others will look back and compare us with themselves, so go ahead, imagine a world where your personal electronic slave is a doorway to enhanced intelligence. Imagine a world where images are transmitted into homes all over the world linked by a network of mechanical drones orbiting the planet. Imagine pills that manipulate reproduction, or genetically altered crops which could either save, or kill us. On the other side of a membrane soon-to-be-pierced by genetic engineering, H+ man will emerge complete with wireless implant and wrist jacks but whatever we're going to look like we'll be able to access vast 3d simulacrums of imaginary realities, so imagine cloning yourself, uploading your mind and living forever.
            Life on Earth is fast becoming anthropogenic.
            Excuse me, my time machine is waiting.

            Schwann Cybershaman
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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Occupy Yourself!

Problems are something we've all got in common. 

You may scoff, but the Arab Spring could be the H+ upgrade we've been waiting for. Nothing is sacred in 2011 as each of us moves inexorably towards personal tipping points, financially, environmentally, mentally et al..

At this time, things are more difficult because human evolution is badly handicapped by the greed virus. It's complicated, but if you're on the network you're in the evolution business, and memes or mental viruses are a good example of online evolution. Simply put, memes are information viruses that travel across the net in waves of intellectual seeding. Memes have become the building blocks, the basic units of cultural evolution, because they exist as contagious thoughts you stumble upon. For example, the 'Occupy Wall Street' meme is a virus that replicated successfully by passing from mind to mind. No virus software will protect Wall Street from this kind of infection. It's a good measure of how much our inner universe has been punctured by thoughts and ideologies of others.

"Words come easily. Thinking is more difficult. Nothing, is impossible."

Keep the above in mind as your networked self, a digital elf, battles the spin doctors of reality. The spin doctors appear varied but they're all the same. Whether they're trying to fragment real issues, like the evolution of non-Darwinian behaviour, or just hitting you up with the latest on Lindsay Lohan, it doesn't matter. What matters is that they wouldn't be needed if cultural transformation on a grand scale wasn't Ahoy. This cultural 'spring', it's not confined to the Middle East, could make it possible for a truly democratic rethink on the fundamental priorities of human affairs on this planet. Of course, the Corporations who own the spin doctors don't like this idea, which is obvious to just about everyone else, except them.

We're living in interesting times, or, as Terence Mckenna prophesized, an advanced state of Novelty. We live on a Planet where Exclusion Zones are birthing radiotrophic mushrooms, glowing fish and spinach that can elevate Popeye to Superman, or induce cancerous growths.

Toxic waste.

An 'exclusion zone' is an area thirty kilometre in radius around a nuclear accident area, so just make sure you've got something like an exclusion zone in your head, a zone that excludes the spin, or you'll be lost to the unfelt nuance of the rarest moment, a moment when your inner self connects with itself. Truth. An ever increasing number of people, all evolving, are asking questions. Small wonder that the Corporate Order of bankers and politicos is imploding or coming under scrutiny, whichever country you live in.

"Occupy Wall Street!"

A corporation is an inhuman and artificial construct used to absolve individual guilt. Anyone who has intimate knowledge of corporate affairs will know that the Corporation eventually becomes more important than the people it is purports to employ. A stock market is much worse. Fortunately, we now stand at an intersection of some kind, so maybe it's time to wonder what happened to the lost inventions of Tesla, or how many energy saving devices are locked away in the Corporate safe. Corporations will chew up people to save themselves. Stock Markets are much worse, because they don't only chew up Corporations, they swallow countries too.

Those in control of the global economy should apply their minds to improving the quality of life on this planet without increasing their marketing budgets, and without resorting to increasing our levels of compulsive, obsessive behaviour induced by subliminal psychotronics. To put it more simply;

"No more mind control!"

H+ is expanding and your network has become a communal contact point between transdimensionals, so be kind to your neighbours - though they be transgenic chimerae.

Schwann Cybershaman
[Originally published by Humanity+ Magazine]
Copyright All Media - Schwann Cybershaman 2011

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Transhuman Agenda

Freedom, not fear!

Democracy, not dictatorship!

Food, not famine!

Celebratory gunfire!

Welcome to the future. Amongst many of the ambient factors we're now living with; like the Arab Spring, global warming, overpopulation and the daily extinction of species, Transhumanism (H+) is an elitist social faction born from the silent screams of billions of cyperpunks who once believed that technology could improve mankind. Meantime, Tyrants have fallen; Tipping points are rife and Entropy remains ruthless. It's more than half-way through 2011 and the ramp to the apocalypse, or singularity, has already begun.
You might as well have been captured by an alien with a time machine because it wasn't that long ago, less than twenty years, that Transhumans were united in believing that the net bound humanity together in some inexplicable way. How little we've changed, a society that still believes machines can solve problems, like the 'The Eschaton', the 26,000 year Mayan Long Count, The Apocalypse, Nostradamus, or the end of Kali Yuga. The winter solstice on Friday 21st December 2012 is not being sold or marketed as just any solstice. It's the Great Solstice, source of all solstices and all equinoxes. According to some enraptured evangelists, 21.12.2012 is about apocalypse and ascension. The end of the world is coming, a comprehensive destruction of everything we hold dear. Life as we know it will end and the winter sun of 2012 will usher us into 72 days of 'upheavals', during which time will have no meaning and chaos will reign before the cavalry arrive and a 'new order', of some kind, is installed.
Yes folks, it's going to be destruction in the vein of Noah, or at the very least, Atlantis.
Are we thus Neanderthals, dying out before the arrival of proto-humanity?
Will we leave behind the brutalities of Kali and birth a tribe of humans who will thrive on a quest for a Golden age of man? Maybe we've already been born; we who read the same book; we who think the same thoughts; we who seek the same justice, the same fair deal. Social networking continues to be the glue which binds global consciousness to the Arab Uprising, Nuclear Safety issues, ecological devastation, Earth changing natural events, or whatever you think is of the utmost importance. Back in the moment, whatever happens next year, the future isn't written, at least not on any kind of a personal level. I believe that the quality and security of your life depends on everything I've written or I wouldn't have written it, but all I know about 2012, right now, is that it's definitely coming and everything is speeding up. According to the PopClock, the World's Population right now is 6,92 billion. For 2012, its projected to be 7,3 billion.
I predict that, at that time, a whole new generation will be born, a generation of (H+) who will already be encoded with the latest in Spirituality, Art, Science, Philosophy; and for whom even physical Biology is within range as the global mind strives to reformulate human priorities for an age of reason, or thus spaek the legend.
H+, or >H, as it is sometimes written, is for everyone who can understand what it means to be linked by cell phone, tablet or PC, which is a lot of us, as you've probably noticed. The H+ Generation is busy overcoming our biological limitations through science, technology and also innovation. Prosthesis and implant will be the way forward as the H+ Generation seeks mood enhancement and intelligence augmentation, along with increased strength and beauty, of course. The ability to leave the planet and seed colonies on other planets, to explore the universe, are goals that every H+ student will acknowledge, goals that will also require extreme life extension.
But if we succeed in becoming demi-Gods, us Posthumans will easily identify the same problems we've got right now. Let's hope we're up to the challenge.

Schwann Cybershaman
[Originally written for and published by Humanity+ Magazine]
Copyright All Media 2011 Schwann Cybershaman