Friday, August 3, 2012

The Singularity? First analyse this...

            Son Nghiem of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena got a bit of a jolt while analysing radar data from the Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) Oceansat-2 when he noticed that most of Greenland's surface ice appeared to have undergone surface melting on July 12. It's 2012 and the messenger molecule is fast so apparently 97% of Greenland ice sheet surface melted by mid mid-July. That's the fastest rate than at any other time in recorded history.
            "Not a problem", say some scientists geeks, "ice cores tell us that this has happened before"
            Yes, but maybe so has Atlantis and that's why NASA issued an article called; "The Great Doomsday Scare", which credits Terence and Dennis Mckenna's book; "The Invisible Landscape: Mind, Hallucinogens, and the I Ching", along with John Major Jenkins, as amongst the prime originators of the 2012 Mayan ethos, or Singularity.
            Terence Mckenna died in 2000, so he never lived to see drone warfare, or the enormous CO2-sucking phytoplankton bloom that's recently been discovered beneath Arctic ice, an enormous, (100 kilometre wide), stretch of active plant life that's weirder than anything that science was aware of. It could affect higher forms of life in the polar region, like fish, birds, polar bears, walruses and so on because there's the possibility that the bloom could change the timing of the nutrient chain and therefore the effect on our food chain is currently unknown.
            I'm sure our scientists are working on this right now and have put all their weapon projects on hold. Maybe they can find a way to produce electricity from the abovementioned biomass because India just had the biggest blackout of all time on the 31st July. No need to try and imagine 700 million people, or one tenth of the world's population, without a power grid because it'll give you a headache.
            In synch with the Indian event, Mitch Battros of Earth Changes Media tells us;
            " Solar Cycle 24 has begun - and it has been predicted by NASA, NOAA and ESA to be up to 50% stronger than its 'record breaking' predecessor Cycle 23 which produced the largest solar flare ever recorded."
            It's agreed by most scientists that the Sun will reach 'peak activity' from late 2012 into 2013.
            Good timing, eh?
            Coronal mass ejections coming at us at 800 kilometres per hour will devastate the transformers of power stations. Transformers take months to manufacture, during which time you survive by being a wolf and boy scout while living in a cave near running water.
            Is this the format of the future?
            Looking back, new evidence has recently emerged that fossils recently found in a cave in the foothills of the Lebombo Mountains of South Africa purportedly prove that all modern culture came from South Africa. Of course European scientists challenge this theory, but also acknowledge that;
            " remains difficult to pinpoint where in history (that) modernity began."
            One of the things they found at the dig in the cave was a recognisable utensil that the San still use for 'applying poison' today, 44,000 years in the future.
            Of course there's always the view, as in the movie Prometheus, that the timeline of Earth isn't old enough to have produced something as complex as the human genome, so please change channels on your flat screen to the Olympic Stadium in London where an alien landing is now taking place.
            I'll warrant that won't explain everything.

            Schwann Cybershaman
            4th August 2012